Thursday, 29 December 2011

Food4wealth: How to make a wicker birdcage?

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Question by Jake B: How to make a wicker birdcage?
I really want to make a wicker birdcage that is suitable for keeping a budgie preferably a cockatiel. Ideally i would like to be able to hang this cage out in the garden during summer months.

So please can you help me with the following questions.

Where can i buy the materials needed to make a wicker cage? and where can i find instructions on making this?

Thank You in advance.


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  1. Provision of iron cage, fancy lamp of wrought iron and glazed art little bird cage with filigreed flourishes at the top. The, gray green to blend in with the soft muted tones of the bedroom, but it will also be very beautiful on the table in the living room.birdcages I am very thanks for your commenting and posting.